Do you celebrate birthday ? Of course, everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday with enjoyable activities and delectable cuisine. However, on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, the birthday of Lord Krishna we will also enjoy some activities with kids.

Krishna Janmashtami

Lord Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, the world’s guardian. Lord Krishna’s birth was intended to purge the world of evil.  Krishna was born on the eighth day of the Krishna Paksha Bhadrapada Month. Lord Krishna is described as the god of love, gentleness, and compassion in Hindu epics. Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on the day Krishna was born. Krishnasthami, Krishna Janmashtami, Bhado Ashtami, Rohini Ashtami, and Krishna Jayanti are all names for the same day. Devotees decorate their houses and temples with flowers, fast, pray, sing devotional songs, and engage in the Dahi Handi rite to commemorate the day. The auspicious festival falls on August 30 (Monday) this year.

On the occasion of Janmashtami, you might be looking for some simple activities and craft books online. Scroll down to discover some fun Janmashtami activities for your kids.

1. Dress up like a Krishna:

Children look adorable in Krishna’s outfit, and every parent wishes that their children could dress up as Krishna or Radha. Krishna and Radha dress competitions will be conducted for kids at various places.

Krishna Janmashtami

For Krishna  Dhoti, ornaments made out of flowers, peacock feathers for a crown, and flute on his hand. For Radha choose Ghagra and simple jewellery, and apply light make-up to both. Make ensure they are comfortable with their dress and make-up.

2. Create a Krishna Jhula for Krishna Janmashtami:

On Janmashtami, it is customary to swing ‘Laddo Gopal’ on a ‘Jhula.’ Make a beautiful Jhula with materials found around the house. On this auspicious occasion, teach your kids how to make Janmashtami Jhula at home.

Krishna Janmashtami

Make a frame out of cardboard. Decorate using a plastic box, holy thread as a rope, and paper scrap flowers. The design is quite simple and requires some basic necessities.

3. Decorate Flute and crown:

Crown and flute crafting is one of the most enjoyable and innovative Janmashtami craft activities for kids. Give a full-color chat paper, a decorative item, and some basic crafting supplies. Encourage them to make it on their own flute and crown. Lord Krishna wore a variety of jewellery, but without flute and crown, it’s incomplete. The story behind the peacock feather on his crown is that peacocks were enchanted by his flute, and the king of peacocks dropped divine feathers on Krishna’s feet and turban.

Krishna Janmashtami

4. Greeting Krishna with a footstep Rangoli :

Aside from worshipping Lord Krishna, there is also the tradition of making Rangoli which is an auspicious part of any Indian celebration. Make a rice flour-water mixture that isn’t too runny and not too thick. Make toe prints using your fingertips.

Having Krishna’s footsteps lead to your home is considered fortunate and is thought to bring you a lot of happiness.

Krishna Janmashtami

5. Variety of food we prepare On Krishna Janmashtami:    

Lord Krishna enjoyed wonderful food, hence Janmashtami is associated with eating. On this auspicious day, a different variety of Prasada’s are prepared. Devotees fast on this day, prepare Prasada to offer to Shri Krishna, and end their fast at midnight.

Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami Prasada Includes:

Corn vada
Poha curd

Janmashtami Feast includes :

Curd rice

Pudina rice

Sambar rice


Tomato rice

6. Create a Morpankh Torana:

Thoranas are used to beautify the home during festive times. It adds to the aesthetic appeal of a home. It is a simple activity made with craft paper, glue, and scissors.

7. Prepare a greeting card:

One of the most popular Janmashtami activities for kids is Janmashtami card making. Colour the picture of the baby Krishna, the flute, and the peacock feathers with crayons and sketch pens. Write the message ‘Wish you all a very Happy Janmashtami’ on it. You can keep it next to Krishna’s idol.

8. Read Out Krishna’s Storybooks :

Gift your kid story books having short stories of Lord Krishna. Encourage them to read the stories from the book. Let them be aware of his life story, his parents, and his friends. It will help them to gain some ethical knowledge. Here is the link to refer to books:

9. Baby Krishna colouring pages for kids:

Coloring is something that children enjoy doing. They immediately start scribbling whenever they come across a color pencil. Purchase some coloring books from the store and instruct them to color them. This will keep them busy while you finish your preparations. This should surely keep them occupied for a while.

10. Decorate curd pot for Krishna Janmashtami:

Dahi Handi is one of the most well-known and well-loved Janmashtami customs. On this day, individuals begin to tastefully decorate their pots with flowers, beads, or chalk. However, without giving them too many instructions, you can ask your kids to decorate a curd pot using their imagination. You’ll be shocked to see how inventive they can be!

11.Clay Idol of Lord Krishna:

Kids enjoy playing with clay dough, so assist them in making a Krishna idol out of clay. Decorate the idol with fabric and ornaments once it’s dry.

12. Matki phod celebration with kids:

Your kids are too young to build a human pyramid and break the Dahi handi, Instead, use a rope to tie a small earthen pot filled with buttermilk. Get the kids blindfolded and have them break the  Dahi Handi. Lord Krishna was very mischievous in his childhood and was given the nickname Makhan Chor because he used to steal butter from the Gopies . These activities undoubtedly teach children a variety of abilities.

Krishna Janmashtami

Watch slokas from Krishna Satakam

I’m hoping that on Janmashtami, Lord Krishna will come to our house and bless us. “Janmashtami greetings.”

Which activities did your children enjoy the most? Share with other moms your Janmashtami craft ideas for kids. Leave a comment in the box below. Relax, have fun and enjoy the festivities together!

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