50 excellent indoor games & activities for the family on rainy days

Looking for indoor games & activities to keep the kids occupied?

Worry no more as we look at various indoor activities for kids of all ages. Children become bored, especially during rainy seasons when they are confined to their homes.

The pandemic has kept us all cooped up at home, especially this year.

Children nowadays are addicted to technology, and on rainy days, they prefer to spend more time indoors playing with it. Let’s reduce screen time and engage in indoor activities that teach kids the value of spending time at home.

So, the next time it rains or a pandemic strikes (prayers to God that it never happens again), you’ll be prepared to keep your kids entertained.

On a rainy day, here is a list of 50 entertaining indoor games and activities to do with your kids.

1. Ludo

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Ludo Board

How to play:

Ludo is one of the best indoor games & activities to play with kids on rainy days. It’s a fun, family-friendly board game that may be played by two to four people. The goal of the game is to get all of your pawns towards the center of the board, which is called the home space.

The player who successfully tries to move all four tokens to the home space first wins!

 Indoor games & activities

2.Treasure Hunt-indoor games & activities


Coins or treats

How to play:

Everyone will enjoy a simple yet entertaining treasure search indoor games & activities.

Create a trail by hiding treats or coins in various locations, such as under the bed or in cereal boxes, along with hints to the next spot.

Give them a suggestion as to where the first clue can be found and then let them figure out the rest on their own.

3.Tower of Straws


Pack of straws, gum tape

How to play:

Another fun game that you may play in pairs is a tower of straws. You will have a great time playing this game. The game promises a never-ending supply of laughs.

Form a two-person team.

Distribute straws to the team and instruct them to build them one by one to form a tower. Gum tape can be used to tighten things up. The winning team is the one that builds the tallest tower within the given time.

 Indoor games & activities

4. One minute game

Minute-to-win-it indoor games & activities can be played with almost anything you have at home. We’ve offered an example of one of these games here. You could try a few more.


A timer, Cookies

How to play:

A cookie must be placed on the player’s forehead.

Without using their hands, move it into their mouth.

The timer continues to beep, and players have one minute to complete the task.

 Indoor games & activities

5. Musical chair-indoor games & activities


Music, chairs

How to play:

The musical chair is one of the fun indoor games & activities of all time. Put the chairs in a circle, with one less chair than the number of people playing. While the music plays, everyone runs around the chairs. When the music stops, everyone must find a chair to sit on.

The only player who doesn’t have a chair to sit on is out of the game. Take away one more chair each round until there’s one winner left!

6. Passing the ball – indoor games & activities


Ball or pillow, music

How to play:

If you’re unfamiliar with the game of passing the ball, it’s a simple game for kids.

Everyone is required to sit in a circle.

One player passes the ball around the circle while the music plays.

The kid with the ball must be eliminated when the music stops. It continues on indefinitely. The one who makes it to the end will be declared the winner.

7. Thermocol ball vaccum game


One bowl filled with small thermocol balls

One empty container

1-2 packs of straws

How to play:

Fill a jar with tiny thermocol balls.

Each Player must use a straw to suck the thermocol balls and transfer them to an empty container.

If a ball falls down while being moved from one container to another, it will not be counted.

One minute is the time restriction.

The player who has moved the most thermocol balls to the empty container is the winner.

8. Memory game


Random objects, pen, and paper

How to play:

Since I was a kid, I’ve been playing the memory game. Once I start teaching the game, your memories will come back. The memory game aids in the development of working memory.

 Gather a variety of household items including  toys

Place the items on a tray or on a table.

Spend 30 seconds looking at the objects.

A napkin or cloth might be used to cover the tray.

Then give them the paper and ask them to write down as many objects from the tray as they can remember. The winner is the one who writes the most objects. 

 Indoor games & activities

9. Balloon Blowing -indoor games & activities



How to play:

Balloon games are a great way to get the whole family involved, moving, and having fun.

Each kid must blow the balloon and tie it.

Within the time limit, they can blow as many balloons as they want.

10. Back to Back

How to play:

This cooperative family game will put the pair’s coordination test. The players will sit on the floor with their arms entwined and their backs to each other. They must attempt to stand up with their arms entwined. If they let go of their hands, they’ll have to start over. The first pair to make it to the finish line wins.

11. Telephone game

How to play:

The telephone is a simple indoor games & activities to set up and play, and it’s a lot of fun.

Form a circle or a line.

Choose a word to whisper in the ear of the person next to you, and don’t say it more than once. That person will whisper what they heard to the next person in line, and so on until the word reaches the person who started.

Prepare to laugh as it becomes increasingly twisted. Play music in the background to make it tougher.

12. Coins on pencil


Pencil with a flat head

20-25 one rupee coins of the same size

How to play:

With one hand, hold the pencil.

Within the time restriction, each player must place coins one by one on the flat surface of the pencil.

The player who has placed the most coins wins.

indoor games & activities

13. Hide-and-Seek

How to play:

This traditional children’s game is ideal for rainy day entertainment. 

One player counts while the others run to find a hiding spot, one player is the seeker.

All of the players that are hiding must be found by the seeker. It’s a game where all the kids take turns being the seeker. When hiding, consider unique locations that may appear difficult to get but may be ignored by the seeker.

 However, depending on the time, the hiders may need to respond rapidly.

14. Touch-and-Feel

Make your kids think like a detective with a game that requires them to identify objects without seeing them.

How to play:

Take an empty box and cut a circle in the box large enough for your child’s hand to fit through.

Put some objects inside the box and let the child feel them.

They are allowed to ask questions in order to assist in determining what has been placed within, and they should be awarded a prize if they correctly identify the object without having to look at it.

15. Pencil sharping


Pencil and sharpener

How to play:

Everyone will be given a pencil and a sharpener, and they will be instructed to sharpen it. They must keep sharpening until the time limit is reached.

The person who can make the pencil shorter within the given time are the winner.

16.Memory game – card game



How to play:

Card games are great for exercising your mind and can provide hours of entertainment with just one deck. This game is intended for kids.

The goal is to discover each card’s partner, which requires recalling the exact location of each card. Lay down all 52 cards face down on a table.

Turning over two cards is a game where each player takes turns. They get to keep it if they find a match. If they don’t, the cards must be turned over and passed to the next player.

 At the end of the game, the player with the most cards wins.

17. Make Me Laugh

How to play:

This is a funny game that children will enjoy playing. This game requires no materials and can be played with two or more children.

Kids try to make each other laugh by making silly faces, sounds, and jokes, among other things. The player with the straightest face wins!

18. The Dictionary Game


Any English dictionary

How to play:

Have you ever attempted to play this game? If you answered yes, you’ll recognize this game.

Select any word from an English dictionary before shutting it. Assign that word to someone, and they must find it up in the dictionary within a certain amount of time. This game aids in the learning of new words and their spellings by children.

19.Play with marbles



How to play:

These marble games are likely to bring back childhood memories. This is the most basic of the marble games, and you’ve probably played it a million times.

Draw a circle and toss all of the marbles into it. Players then take turns bouncing or rolling their larger marbles into the circle in an attempt to knock marbles out of bounds. Any marble that escapes the circle is theirs to retain for the duration of the game.

When there are no more marbles in the circle, the game is ended, and the winner is the person who collected the most.

20.Rock, Paper,scizzor

How to play:

The rock, paper, scissors game is played by children all across the world. But it was my son who taught me how to play this game.

Two players face each other from a distance of two steps apart. With one hand, each player makes a fist. They spell out ROCK, PAPER, and SCISSORS when put together.

At the same time, the players must present their objects. Look to see who won after both players have played an object. The winner is determined by the game’s order.

21.Throwing ring


Paper towel roll, gum tape, plastic ring

How to play:

Throwing is an important aspect of a variety of hobbies and sports. As a result, throwing should be learning as soon as possible.

Place a paper towel roll on the floor and tape it down. Take a plastic ring or a paper plate in the shape of a circle. Toss ring or paper plates.

See how many rings kids can toss in a certain amount of time.

22. Ball Straw Blower Race


paper tubes, pingpong ball, gum tape

How to play:

Place two paper tubes on the floor and tape them together. Give each child a straw and instruct them to blow the ping pong ball into the tube with it.

The winner is the person who blows the most balls.

23.Sack race


burlap sack

How to play:

The sack race is a fun game in which kids must race to the finish line by jumping. They will have to place their 2 legs in a burlap sack and hold it at the waist. The more racers there are, the more exciting it is.

24. Freeze dance

How to play:

The Freeze Dance Game is a simple and enjoyable game that simply requires a dance floor and a music source that can be quickly stopped and started.

The music starts playing, and the players begin to dance freely to it. When the music stops, all of the players must FREEZE in their current posture. They must remain motionless until the music resumes. When the music starts up again, all of the players start dancing.

25. Red Light, Green Light



How to play:

Greenlight allows kids to move from one area to another, while red light stops them from moving. If they’re caught moving during a red light, they have to go back to the starting line.

26. Carrom board


Carrom Board, carrom coins, carrom striker, and carrom board powder

How to play:

 Carrom board is one of the best indoor games for kids. Carrom is a popular game among families, especially children, and at social gatherings.

On the Carrom board, there are 9 black pieces, 9 white pieces, and a red piece called Queen. The carrom coins are put on the carrom board, and you use your thumb or fingers to strike the coins into the ring with the striker.

indoor games & activities

27. Coin toss


Coin, bucket, bowl, water

How to play:

This game, which is based on the classic coin toss, is a little different. Fill a small bowl with water and set it inside a bucket. Request that your child tosses a coin into the bowl. The child receives a gift for each coin that lands in the bowl.

28. Lime and spoon race


Lime, spoon

How to play:

Simply place a lime on a spoon and ask the child to run while holding the spoon in their mouth. The goal is to keep the lime from falling off.

The winner is the person who crosses the finish line first without dropping the lemon.

29. Snakes and ladders


Ludo board

How to play:

Snakes and Ladders is an old dice game from India. This traditional game is a terrific way for kids to learn numbers while having fun indoors. A hundred squares crammed with traps and tricks.

Try your luck by rolling the dice! Snakes will take you down, but ladders will take you up.

30.Monopoly-indoor games & activities


Monopoly board and coins

How to play:

Use monopoly to teach your children about money and investment. Players move about the game board by rolling two six-sided dice, buying and trading properties, and developing them with houses and hotels. The idea is for players to collect rent from their opponents in order to bankrupt them. Monopoly is also one of the exciting indoor games & activities for kids.

indoor games & activities

31. Charades-indoor games & activities

How to play:

One of the most well-known word-guessing games of all time is Charades. Charades are a fun way to encourage your child’s imagination and acting skills.

The goal of charades is to guess a word or phrase that is being acted out by another participant. While acting out the word or phrase, the player is not permitted to speak.

32. Frog jump race-indoor games & activities

How to play:

This is yet another fantastic jumping game. Encouraging your children to compete in a frog jump race is a great idea. They must hop their way to the finish line.

 Jumping around is something they’ll never tire of.

33. Find the difference


2 drawings with similar image

How to play:

One of the best indoor games for kids to improve their observation abilities is finding the difference between the images. There will be slight variations in each photograph, which they must identify.

34. Chess – indoor games & activities



How to play:

This is one of the best indoor games & activities for kids to help children learn how to strategize. Chess is a game that combines science, sports, and art.

 The game, which appears simple and enjoyable at first glance, involves a large number of moves and is noted for its capacity to help kids develop numerous abilities such as decision-making, problem-solving, and creative thinking. Chess has been shown in numerous studies to boost children’s IQ, memory and focus, language development, and even mathematical aptitude

The goal of this game is to checkmate the opposing team, preventing them from making any legal moves.

35. Name Place Animal Thing


paper, pen

How to play:

This game is easy. The number of rounds and word categories are determined by the game designer.

 Players are given a new alphabet at the start of each game. Your task is to come up with words that start with that letter and fit into the game’s categories.

Each game round lasts 60 seconds, however, the game ends when the first player enters their response.

indoor games & activities

36. Guess the thief


paper, pen

How to play:

The game begins with the creation of four chits: Raja, Mantri, Chor, and Police. Each chit is folded, and each of the four participants is given a chit to choose from. Players reveal their character by opening their chit. The Police must next guess the ‘Chor’ from the other three players.

If the Police guesses correctly, the points are kept; otherwise, the points are surrendered to the Chor. This game is played several times before the points are tallied. The game is won by the player with the highest score.

37.Pick the button


buttons, bowl, safety pin

How to play:

Mix all of the buttons together in a bowl. Points will be assigned to each colored button. With the use of a safety pin, each player must pick the buttons.

Within the time limit, the player must select as many buttons as possible. The winner is the person who earns the most points.

Encourage your childs creativity with these crafty activities.

38.Paper craft

We used to get yelled at as kids for producing paper waste at home. Making a paper boat and letting it float in the tub was a lot of fun.

Teach kids how to build paper boats, flowers, rockets, and other crafts. These are fun activities that will help kids cut down on their screen usage.


Drawing is one of the most engaging activities you can do with your child. It’s a wonderful idea to encourage your child through pleasant drawing activities.

Give them a sketching book and crayons, and tell them they can draw anything they want. This way, we can keep them busy for a while.

40. Play dough

Your children will enjoy playing with clay or flour-based play dough.

Get some cookie cutters and have some fun moulding clay into shapes. We also enjoy playing with clay or playdough with rolling pins and stamps.

41. Teach origami

Origami is one of the best indoor games & activities for kids on rainy days. Adults and children alike will enjoy and benefit from origami. These fantastic origami projects for kids are ideal for a rainy day or any time.

Teach your children some simple origami projects, depending on their age.

list of indoor games

42. Baking – indoor games & activities

Do you have a little one who enjoys eating? Instruct them in the preparation of cupcakes and cookies.

Baking is a wonderful pastime for children of all ages.

You should be available at all times in case they need assistance with a task or a reminder to switch off the oven and clean up the kitchen.

43. Yoga for kids – indoor games & activities

Yoga can help your child develop strength, coordination, and flexibility, as well as promote body awareness and self-esteem.

It can help your kids feel less anxious and stressed while also promoting a sense of relaxation. So to motivate your kids to exercise, try some simple yoga poses.

44.Toothbrush painting

Spray painting is one of their favourite activities since it includes colours.

Collect fallen leaves and flowers of various sizes and shapes from your garden and spread them out on a white sheet. Don’t forget to secure them with glue.

Dip the toothbrush in the water colour and stroke your thumb across the bristles to generate a fine spray of the paint onto the painting. Allow the painting to dry completely.

45. Dry leaf art – indoor games & activities

This rainy season, dried leaf art projects are a fun pastime to do with your kids. The kids will have a fun collecting fallen leaves and making dried leaf crafts.

This was a school assignment for my child, and we both tried making various animals out of dried leaves. You can also paint the leaves.

46. Blow some bubbles

Blowing bubbles is a great way for kids of all ages to pass the time while having fun. But how to do that? You can use a store-bought bubble combination or make your own bubbles using water and liquid dish soap.

You can also have a lot of fun looking around your house for stuff to make bubbles – we made our own bubble wands out of paperclips, straws, and even biscuit cutters.

47. Gardening – indoor games & activities

This is an excellent approach to teach your children how to garden and how to nurture plants.

Learning how plants grow with a hands-on activity that teaches kids about plant reproduction.

Before kids can see the small stem sprout from the seed, it may take weeks for the plant to grow. It can be difficult. As they watch their plants grow day by day, children feel a sense of accomplishment.

48.Building cardboard castle

Kids may create cardboard castles as a fun recycled art project. Make a castle out of a cardboard box, art tools, and other common household things.

Encourage your child’s inventiveness through reusing, recycling, and reworking. Encourage them to try new things with cardboard, such as driving a car or sailing a ship, as this will help them think more creatively.

49.Craft with Lego

We’re all huge fans of legos. Lego blocks may be used to make wonderful artworks by children.

They have created a stunning work of art out of a mound of lego blocks. You have to admire how imaginative Legos may help your child become.


Kids’ puzzle games put their skills to the test and vastly expand their knowledge. We must design puzzles for children that are suited to their learning styles and patterns.

There are several excellent puzzles for children to help them learn more effectively. Furthermore, this will be highly beneficial in improving the learning environment for children.

If you have the right indoor games & activities, being at home may be a lot of fun. Try these rainy-day games and activities with your kids to make a rainy day memorable.

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