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Pregnancy, childbirth & parenting has invoked the researcher in me to give the best to my kid. You would find me reading more & more, implementing what works for us & finding the best products for the kid.

Here, you would find content on parenting, childcare, age-wise activity ideas & many more..

This is Sweta mom to 3 year old, a Philomath, love coaching mompreneurs, reading, art and craft and spending time with my son. I’m a regular mom who had her up & downs to conceive, had her doubtful moments taking care of the baby once out & getting overwhelmed with the early learning resources for the baby who is now an active toddler.

They say it takes a village to raise a baby & i looked at the mommy villages socially & virtually available on facebook/blogs.. Now, its my part to contribute back to the community via this blog.