You heard it right Pandemic or never. The pandemic has changed the whole world. Halted the busy lives and asked everyone to slow down, think, and clear their minds. It’s also the time when several individuals took the opportunity to learn something new or start a hobby. With everything available online, people can get along with their lives along with some extra time in hand. When I had my son 3 years back, I was jobless and had no plans to join work at least for another year. Once my son was 4 months old, I thought to myself oh now I have a lot of time on hand why not I start learning Kuchipudi as it was my dream to learn. I joined classes that were twice a week and with my mom around with the baby I felt I can accommodate one more dream to learn painting. Thus, after a month I joined that as well. I felt relieved as it saved me from PPD. I could be myself chasing my dreams. Once my son was 1.5 years old, I got a job and could not continue my passions further. The major reasons were timings and the travel as everything required a physical presence.

Now, 4 months after the lockdown started rather than waiting for the pandemic to end and then start something, I thought why not utilize this time. Why not start living in the present and make the best use of it. Thanks to everything becoming digitized. You name a course or a class and you get it online. Earlier my niece used to go for classical music(vocal) classes comprising 15 students in a class but now the teacher is taking 1 on 1 class. The kind of engagement and grooming is wonderful. I took a certified child psychology course from Udemy, took a technical course from Simplilearn for my professional career, and resumed my Kuchipudi classes (thanks to my Guru to accept the technology and allow us to continue dance). Now, I’m planning to learn the flute too.

I think for mommies this is a wonderful time. With daddies at home they can take care of the kids twice a week for 1 hour each and mommies can get to fulfill their dreams. You can take up classical dance or Bollywood dance which is an excellent workout and you get in shape by doing something that you love. You can start gardening, grow your veggies in your small space as organic gardening is the new trend now. There are many Facebook pages and WhatsApp groups who are ready to assist you at every step. Thanks to that I grew watermelons at home and now would be growing strawberries. Engineer mommies who had to leave their jobs due to motherhood can start taking classes such as whitehat Jr coding classes or introduction to coding for preschoolers. You can learn a new language or a new art form. Many people are giving some free tutorials in the form of PDF or videos, try exploring those first and then you can join paid workshops. For the matter of fact, even you can take up online sessions such as storytelling, art & craft, create worksheets, and sell online. Thanks to the social media platforms around learning a thing or teaching a thing have become easier. Everything is available just a click away.

So, mommies what are you waiting for?? Start exploring the real you and learn a skill as it will help you keep your sanity and health. Set an example for your kids to never stop chasing dreams. It will keep your mind active and you can function much more appropriately. As everyone says a healthy & happy mommy has a healthy & happy family!!
So, this pandemic what have you done or what new have you learned. Please comment below and lemme know about it.

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