D don’t jump in rainwater, D don’t write on the floor, D don’t do this, don’t do that, do it this way, etc.., I hear myself saying this a lot nowadays. I’m sure just like me many other parents would find themselves in the same place. I always say to myself I would do mindful parenting but again end up in this kinda phase every now & then. Its followed by guilt and then again reality check that brings me back to my sanity. We try a lot to control our kids for every necessary & unnecessary thing. My husband always says “Be patient!! If kids don’t do shenanigans then who else would” and he is right. We get super angry, shout at them, and even hit them. But if we take a moment to calm ourselves down, make a little fun of what just they did, and then explain them then maybe things would be less risky or messy next time.

Let the kids be them and explore things at their own pace & in their style. We just need to have that extra courage to see what we can’t bear to see, that extra effort to clean up the mess created, that extra ear to hear out the annoying tantrum & every possible thing to take the kid in confidence.
But the best thing to get things under control is to put ourselves in their shoes & in that way we would be less annoyed as we become their partners in crime. We get to unleash ourselves. As parents, we always have that ONE child we always neglect. That child has been around with us since we’re young… And that child is you – your “Inner Child”.

Conscious parenting experts say the biggest source of conflict & friction we have with our children comes from the lack of healing our Inner child. The childhood insecurities, doubts, and fears that we try so hard to shield our children from … Our children end up inheriting them as we subconsciously project them onto our children, through our words and interactions. The only way to “fix” our relationships with our children, is to heal our Inner Child first. Connection before correction should be one key ingredient in the recipe of parenting. Connect with your inner child before correcting your loved ones, especially let abundance and love flow.

Children teach a lot about life like finding joy in small things to living in the moment. Engage yourself in board games with kids or start watching shows/songs from your childhood. This would rekindle your childhood memories and generate positive feelings, the bonus you get to expose your kids to tastes & vibes of a different era. Don’t just focus on all the happy memories but also revisit the bitter experience or mischievous experiences. As kids we never tend to understand why things went wrong or why did dad punish me, but now as we are adults reanalyzing the facts would help us handle the current scenarios in a much mature and child-friendly way. You can’t be happy forever if you just bury the discomforts and carry on with happy memories. At frequent intervals, you need to revisit your discomforts and resolve them. Only then you can be successful at mindful parenting, you can still keep your inner child and play the best role in your kid’s childhood.

So, I pledge to frequently revisit my inner child, start the foundation with a good connection & then correct only if it’s necessary. Wish me luck!! Comment what are your challenges and how are you smoothly carrying on with mindful parenting.

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