Visual perception activities can help a child to make sense of the information that the eyes are sending to the brain. Having good visual perception skills can therefore help prepare your child for formal learning. Dot-to-Dot pictures have long been used to develop visual motor and copying skills. These visual motor worksheets are graded from easy (vertical and horizontal lines) to more difficult (diagonal lines) to quite challenging.

This worksheet is ideal to practice fine motor skills, pre-writing skills, and visual perception skills.

It is also beneficial for children in Occupational Therapy (Special Needs education) as it develops from constancy, visual closure, visual discrimination, and visual memory.

Children need to analyze the position of the dots and copy the pattern from the left box onto the right box by identifying the dots that need to be joined (the skill used: spatial relation /position in space). Dot- to Dot background is used as it creates a challenge for the kid to distinguish the line pattern from the busy background of dots (the skill used: figure-ground perception).

The visual information is used to draw the same line into the empty box (the skill used: visual motor skills). To do so, the child has to move focus and remember the position and shape of the dots for short moments without looking at the original picture (the skill used: visual memory).

This Dot-to-Dot copy practice worksheet contains a 2X2 design, 3X3 design, 4×4 design, and 5X5 design. There are around 96 dot-to-dot diagrams in all.

Dot-toDot 3x3 copy line visual perception worksheet

Please note that this resource is a PRINTABLE PDF file and is intended for use as a hard copy.

Dot-toDot copy line visual perception worksheet
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