Vegetable themed crafts that we did as part of our Vegetable theme. We started by revising the vegetable names that we already knew. Then classified them as underground, leafy, podded, creeper/climber & fruit vegetable. We spent a good 3-4 days on each topic, trying to identify them from our garden & doing craft accordingly. Today’s post is about the crafts that we have done.

Underground Vegetables: We made a soil set up using paper plate with underground veggies cutout such as carrot, raddish & beetroot. We harvested them & watched some carrot harvesting clips from Masha & the Bear.

Underground Vegetables Craft
Harvested Underground Vegetables

Leafy Vegetables: We harvested some Spinach, ajwain leaves, Malabar Spinach, arbi leaves & Amaranth leaves from our garden. Identified the leaf structure & respective names. Picked some for leaf art & rest used to make dal.

Leafy vegetable print art

Podded Vegetables: We made a pea in the pod craft using green thick sheet & crape paper for peas. it was a good finger muscle exercise as the crape paper needed to be crumbled & rolled to stay in shape.

Peas in the pod

Creeper/climber Vegetables: We had Ivy Gourd & Teasel Gourd creeper in our garden so noticed how they cannot stand stiff on their own& needed support. Observed its vines & made a pumpkin face mask out of paper plate as my son loves pumpkin from Peppa pig.

Pumpkin Face Mask
Little D fooling around with his pumpkin face mask.

Fruit Vegetables: Made Tomato & Eggplant in Raised salt painting & some veg sandwich using tomato, cucumber & cheese.

Tomato & Eggplant in Raised salt Art

We made India Flag using Underground (carrots), Leafy (cabbage) & Fruit (capsicum) vegetables. Used carved eggplant as Ashoka Chakra.

India Flag using diced/grated vegetables.

The last craft we did was a vegetable basket using paper plate and our favorite vegetables cutouts.

Our favorite vegetables in basket made using paper plate.

Have you made any vegetable themed crafts with your toddlers/preschoolers?? I would love to know! Connect with me on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. I can’t wait to see your craft ideas.

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