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Well, It is undeniably difficult to learn to read. To develop fluent reading, a variety of abilities and tactics must be combined. Focusing on sight words is one of the first steps in helping our young children to get started.

The greatest approach to learn Dolch sight words is to practice them over and over again with flashcard exercises, word-focused games, and hands-on activities

But, before we discuss HOW to teach Dolch sight words and share some sight word games, let’s clarify what Dolch sight words are. What is the significance of teaching sight words to kindergarten?

What are Dolch sight words?

High-frequency words that preschoolers should recognize by sight (eg: a,i,to,go etc) are referred to as sight word.

Edward William Dolch created the entire list first, then divided it into five tiers for students to learn by sight. They’re a group of 220 words that make up almost 75% of all words in books. Some of the words are impossible to decode with standard methods.

You may believe that a few words are widespread and easy to recognize everywhere; toddlers learn them naturally; nonetheless, a few are really long and difficult to pronounce(eg: said,but,for etc) . Those words are difficult to illustrate and necessitate high decoding abilities.

So now we will discuss why sight words kindergarten is important and what is the best way to teach sight words list.

It is quite difficult to teach sight word list as a whole, thus it is preferable to employ some teaching techniques to ensure that they are remembered for a lifetime.

Sight word activities not only help children read more fluently, but they also help them write more quickly.

It is simple to teach sight word worksheets once kids have completed their alphabets and phonics.

Using preschool sight words activities such as games, lesson plans, and hands-on manipulatives, your students will master abilities without even realizing it!

Make sight word list memorization a regular element of your literacy block, and switch up the tasks on a regular basis. If you set out time for serious concentration on the list of sight word studies, you’ll be amazed at how quickly your young readers flourish.

A few of my favorite sight word game activities are included below…

1. Sight Word Hide & Seek

Make a list of sight words and hide them on index cards throughout the house. Set a one- or two-minute timer and ask the kid to find as many sight word lists as possible. At the conclusion of the minute, ask him to read the list aloud. He gets one point for each accurate word. After each repetition, he is challenged to break his own record.

2. Sight Word Memory

On index cards, make pairs of Dolch sight words and place them face down on a table. Overturn the cards and read the words aloud as a class. If you make a match, you keep the cards. The person who has the most cards when all of them have been turned over wins.

3. Word Catch

Take ten ping pong balls and put them on a ping pong table. Write one word on each ball with a piece of paper. Play a catch game. Have your children read the ball when they catch it.

4. Rolling a Dice

Take a dice and a paper sheet with 6 columns on it. Print out a paper with 25 sight word list written on it. Ask the kid to roll the dice and then look on the 25 Sight Words list page for a word with the corresponding amount of letters. Then, on the Roll a list of Sight Word page, have your kid write that word in the proper column. Request that the kid cross off the words that he used on the sheet.

5.Feed the Rain Cloud

Take an empty box and decorate it with cloud and raindrop templates as well as preschool sight words. As we call out, kids have to pick the word and feed the rain cloud. It was a great approach to practice a list of sight words in a fun and efficient manner. We’ll keep doing this till they are fluent.

6. Sight Words Parking

Take a piece of blank paper and tape it to the cardboard. Make a list of a few sight word and design a parking lot like the one in the image. Keep a variety of toy automobiles in the parking lot. They can also practice writing numbers on the parking lots at the end. Two activities in one for phonics and math.

7.Sight Words Swat

Get printed images of bees from Google and laminated. Choose a few words from the dolch pre-primer sight word list and write it down on the laminated. We should call out the word and kids need to swat the bee. Use a marker to write which can be erased when we move to the next set of words.

8.Thirsty Crow

A thirsty crow selects a stone labeled with sight words and tosses it into the pot. The kid must strike out the sight word given on the paper sheet as soon as he drops the pebble labeled with sight words.

Recite poetry and sing songs with many rhymes, accentuating and drawing attention to the rhymes in a variety of ways. Your kid will discover that different words might have a similar sound.

Children are intelligent, but they get bored easily. These sight word games will assist kids in mastering the fundamentals while also providing them with wonderful memories to cherish for the rest of their lives.

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